Sun protection

Sun protection suit with UPF 50+

Protecting children from the sun not only prevents painful sunburn, it also reduces the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. One serious sunburn as a child or adolescent will more than double the risk of developing skin cancer as an adult.


Skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in young people aged 12-24 years old (Cancer Research UK). Despite the fact that the sun’s rays are getting stronger as a result of climate change and thinning ozone layer, the increase in skin cancer is mainly behaviourally driven.


More than 90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure and could have been prevented by sensible behaviour.


A person’s cumulative exposure to UV radiation along with the number of severe sunburns they have received, especially during childhood, increases their risk of developing skin cancer. Since children’s skin is thinner and far more sensitive to the sun, it is absolutely essential to provide your child with the best sun protection.


Infants should be kept out of the sun entirely. Keep them in the shade and do not apply sunscreen on babies before they are six months old.


it is essential to protect your children from an early age and to keep on protecting them as they grow older. Sunscreens can too easily be washed, rubbed or wiped off and need to be re-applied regularly. Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection and as opposed to conventional sunscreens, it filters out both UVA and UVB radiation. 


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